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Introducing the T9.
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The T9 is the ultimate personal urban vehicle.

At Urban Native, we believe in a shift towards clean, safe and silent mobility.

The T9 is the game-changer working to accelerate this transition. Designed from the ground up, we made it to be the first truly appealing super light-weight electric vehicle.

Made from premium Titanium, the T9 has a huge front wheel and low center of gravity, barely weighs 10 kg, and yet delivers a torque of 37 Nm. Its range is sufficient to accompany you on all your daily pursuits. It can be attached, or folded and brought with you, anywhere. It is the best blend of power, stability, durability, autonomy and weight.

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Urban Native T9
Urban Native T9
Urban Native T9

Fold it in one click, take it anywhere with you, and store it vertically.

Unlock the city.

The T9 solves all your personal mobility problems within the city. You can ride up to 25 km on a single charge thanks to the device's efficient design, regenerative braking and custom battery. It stores very compactly thanks to its one of a kind vertical storage position.

Take it anywhere with you Because it weighs barely 10 kg and can be stored vertically, you'd be hard pressed to find somewhere you couldn't fit the T9. It's perfect at the restaurant, work, or at home. Of course, you can also lock it in the street like a bicycle thanks to its triangle shape.

Take it anywhere with you

Ease of use Stable, easy to carry, one throttle, one brake. Charge it with any usb-c charger.

Ease of use

You can count on it Whether you're riding on water, or on hills. The T9 has a ludicrous accel so you'll be the first at the green lights.

You can count on it

Make it yours Customize the T9's settings via the Urban Native app. The T9 is also compatible with many bicycle accessories.

Make it yours
The Urban Native T9 up close

Powerful motor and custom transmission.

Regenerative brakes.

Original folding system and titanium frame.

Built on principles.

The T9 is made to last.

Made to last

The T9 is made to last and to be easily repaired. While the frame will last you for life, every other piece is easily accessible to perform revisions or replace parts.

The T9 values the environment.


The T9 is built using no solvents, as little paint as possible and practically no plastic. Our packaging has even received the WPO Award because of it's eco-friendly design.

Made in Europe

The T9 is assembled in Portugal and designed by a European team.

We value your privacy


Neither the T9 nor its app collect any personal data about you. The T9 does not have any geolocation, and power is completely cut off when it is turned off.