T9 Electric Scooter | Urban Native

Built in high grade Titanium
for the lightest possible ride.


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5 years warranty

The Urban Native T9 (view from the top) iF award logo

We did it again.

The T9(2) is even better.

We made no compromises.

Made for urbanites who want it all. The ultra-light, powerful, durable and elegant electric vehicle for surfing the city in complete freedom.

This street machine isn't just any ordinary mode of transportation - it's a sleek, ultralight and durable ride that's made out of the highest-quality materials.

It is the best blend of power, stability, durability, autonomy and weight.

    New in the T9(2):

  1. New frame architecture with a bigger rear wheel for more comfort and stability.

  2. New hydraulic and sensored electronic brake sytem for more safety and control.

  3. New board with carbon fiber for more lightness and durability.

  4. Mudguards and kickstand for more convenience.

Titanium seen up close

Titanium Grade 9

Stainless, light, strong, durable and flexible.

Titanium is exceptionally suited for outdoor use.

The Titanium frame of the T9 is flexible, thus removing the need for suspensions, saving weight.


Engineered for lightness from the start, you can easily carry it up the stairs due to its lightness.

The T9 is perfect for commuting or running errands around town.

The Urban Native T9 being carried effortlessly The T9 in the street


The T9 is made to last, with high-quality materials and components that ensure a smooth and reliable ride every time you take it for a spin.


Conquer the steepest hills


Feel the rush with an unbelievable torque of 37 nm.

View on the motor and transmission of the T9 Silhouette of the T9's motor & drive unit

With a powerful motor of 1500W, you'll be able to conquer even the steepest hills, and keep up with the traffic without problems.

Choose between 3 modes depending on your mood. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or just cruising around for fun, the T9 is sure to provide a thrilling and enjoyable ride.

Every time.


The T9's motor is not located in the wheels. Instead we have engineered a first of its kind transmission system to get the best possible yield out of the motor. It also results in low inertia in the wheels for a smoother riding experience.

12 inch

Generous gravel tires

The extra grip and stability that the super light massive front wheel and gravel tires provide make it easier to control the T9, even at higher speeds or on uneven surfaces. This means that you can tackle any terrain with confidence.

The T9's big front wheel The T9's lefty fork


We were inspired by the lefty fork and incorporated two single-sided forks on the T9. This means you can replace the tires without dismounting the wheels.

The T9's battery is concealed in the frame

Concealed battery

Go up to 25 km on a single charge.
Charge to 50% in just 90 minutes.

A powerful high quality battery of 400Wh is incorporated inside the frame. The set includes a custom-designed battery management system to provide cell balancing that optimises charge cycles (over 1000 charge cycles) and extends battery life.

We incorporated regenerative braking and a USB-C charger to let you keep pace with your most demanding days.

Close up on the T9's brakes

Front hydraulic disk brakes

T9(2)’s front brake integrates a sensor that triggers the rear motor brake at the same time, making it safer than ever.


It is the only street machine to fit literally anywhere and actually look good doing it. The T9 can be easily folded and stored in a variety of different positions, versatile enough to perfectly fit any environment. The T9 stands upright when folded in half, making it a sleek and compact way to store it anywhere you go.

The T9 standing vertically when folded, in the "monolito" position


The brilliant weight repartition, low center of gravity, low inertia in the wheels, flexibility of the titanium, generous tires and powerful acceleration make the T9 a game-changer, offering unbeatable agility, performance, and convenience.

The T9 offers an incomparable thrilling and responsive ride that feels like you’re surfing the city.

The T9 rolling in the streets
The curved mast of the T9

The form of the mast of the scooter was purposely designed with a specific curve to give you more control and comfort while you ride.

The wide handlebars of the T9

The extended handlebar of 48 cm comes from fixed gear bike lovers allowing the perfect city ride.

The aluminium and carbon deck of the T9

The strong and durable deck of the T9 is made of two machined aluminium and carbon parts clamped to the frame.

The Urban Native bluetooth app for controlling the T9

integrated app

Customize, monitor and update your T9.

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Length folded: 1,2 m
Length unfolded: 1,2 m x 1,17 m
Weight: 9.9 kg
Motor power: 1500 W peak power
Maximum speed: 25 km/h
Autonomy: 25 km
Battery capacity: 400 Wh
Batteries: Lithium Ion 18650 4P8S
Battery manufacturer: Samsung
Motor drive unit: Patented Mechanical system
Frame material: Titanium grade 9
Lights: LED
Rear brake: Electromagnetic, adjustable
Max. permissible load: 110 kg
Battery recharge speed: 50% in 90 min - 100% in 4 hours
Warranty: 5 years
Wheels: Tire & Inner tube, 12” front and 8.5” rear
Front brake: Hydraulic, disc (140 mm)
Connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity via Android and IOS app