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The T9 is much more than an electric scooter. It is the solution to traffic jams, pollution and the monotony of conventional transport.

Getting stuck in traffic jams or in the crowded Parisian metro? No thanks.

The cycling option? Not the most peaceful because of thefts.

As for electric scooters, even the most advanced models failed to meet 100% of our expectations.

It was precisely because we were tired of constantly juggling several unsuitable modes of transport that we decided to take matters into our own hands. By creating our own solution. A solution capable of accompanying us (really) everywhere.

And it wasn’t simply question of improving what already exists.

Our ambition ?

To create a radical alternative

To compete with cars, Navigo subscriptions and standard electric scooters, we knew we had to integrate a key dimension: pleasure. And to create what we secretly dreamed of, we relied on our own experience.

Four years of development, specifications as thick as an encyclopedia and two patents later:

The first T9 is here

Our team imagined and developed this model starting from a blank sheet of paper. This explains why it is a UFO on its market.

Light, manageable and robust, the T9 embodies the promise of traveling in the city without constraints, where the pleasure of riding takes over: each turn becomes a game, each acceleration a burst of adrenaline.

It quickly established itself in the lives of our first users who could no longer do without it. Whether going to the office, after work or simply for a walk, they never let go and take pleasure in (re)discovering their city, hair in the wind.

And for those who (unlike the T9) fear the rain, no problem: at under 10 kg, you just have to fold it, jump on the metro and continue your journey dry. Quite simply.

Say goodbye to the average electric scooter that is too heavy or dangerous to use for convenience. Introducing the T9 and its featherweight that you can take everywhere.

It’s its lightness that allowed us to win the iF DESIGN AWARD in Berlin, giving us international recognition in terms of innovation and design!

But we were certainly not going to stop there:

May 2024, the T9 (2.0) makes its sensational debut on the market

To offer THE perfect model that 100% corresponds to the (real) needs of city dwellers, we began developing a version 2.0, taking into account feedback from our first users.

Result: a new edition of the T9, even lighter and more efficient, arrives thanks in particular to:

  • A redesigned frame
  • An even more efficient braking system
  • A redesigned board…

All without compromising the sensations of gliding and freedom. We promise.

And now, this new T9 is just waiting for you.

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