Protection of Personal Information

For the purpose of its operation, ALLIGATOR may need to collect personal information on its users.

Attaching particular importance to the principles concerning the protection of personal information, with respect to its Users, ALLIGATOR is committed to respecting the principles of European regulations and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679).

The current policy on protection of personal information has as its purpose to inform Site users of the commitments and measures taken by ALLIGATOR to ensure the protection of their data.

The current policy may change depending on the legal and regulatory environment, as well as position statements from supervisory authorities concerning the protection of personal information.

ALLIGATOR, company responsible for processing of personal information

The ALLIGATOR Company, a limited liability company, registered with the Barcelona Trade and Companies Register, under the number ES B67118562, whose headquarters are located at 239 rue Muntaner - 08021 BARCELONA, publishes an internet site at the address (“the Site”).

The delegate for the protection of data’s contact information is (

ALLIGATOR is in charge of personal data processing done on this Site.

However, for marketing purposes, ALLIGATOR may share user information with third parties that provide related services to the Site. This information is stored, processed and analyzed by these third parties to provide ALLIGATOR with correct information, which will assist it with its marketing strategy, or for mailing purposes. This mainly applies to Google Analytics.

ALLIGATOR reserves the right to subcontract third parties for services on its behalf. Hence, these third parties may access certain personal information about users, but only when necessary. With regard to ALLIGATOR, these third parties are committed to respecting current regulations concerning personal information when performing their services.

Personal information that is collected and processed

Personal information on users that is collected by ALLIGATOR, directly or indirectly, meets explicit, legitimate and specific purposes.

Therefore, ALLIGATOR never processes information of a “sensitive” personal nature, i.e., data related to racial or ethnic origin or political, philosophical or religious views.

Other User information may be transmitted when browsing the Site for those who agree to use Cookies.

Purpose of processing personal information

The personal information collected from users of the Site is processed for the explicit, legitimate and specific purposes listed below:

Acceptance of ALLIGATOR’S privacy policy on personal information

By choosing to subscribe to the newsletter, the User acknowledges and agrees to the processing of certain personal information by ALLIGATOR, in the manner described under the current menu item “Personal Data Protection.”

The same applies when users of the Site complete the form “Contact Us,” which is available on ALLIGATOR’s second site (

Users providing personal information when contacting ALLIGATOR acknowledge and agree to Alligator’s processing of certain personal information.

Moreover, by using the services of an Internet service provider, or of a search engine accessing the Site, Users are also subject to any personal information protection policies of the latter.

Recipients of information

The recipients of your personal information are ALLIGATOR’s relevant services.

This personal information is not conveyed to third parties apart from external service providers that have a role in the Site’s dissemination process. ALLIGATOR provides prior notice to external service providers of the necessity to process personal information in accordance with ALLIGATOR’s commitments regarding privacy and security.

Information of a personal nature shall be provided for any legal or administrative proceedings that may require it.

Data Retention Period

Information of a personal nature about users of the Site is retained by ALLIGATOR only for the duration necessary for the purposes described above and in accordance with current regulations. There is one exception: when rights of removal or withdrawal are exercised by persons concerned before the end of this period.

Hence, the actual duration applied by ALLIGATOR is the following:

Data Security

ALLIGATOR takes appropriate precautions to ensure that a user’s personal information is preserved securely. ALLIGATOR takes care that this information is not misused or altered.

Information is stored in ALLIGATOR’s database and, as the case may be, by its IT service providers acting on its behalf for purposes of creating or managing the Site, on servers located in the European Union or in countries ensuring an adequate level of protection.

Furthermore, ALLIGATOR ensures limited access to User information and only authorized staff members may access information in the context of their job.

User Rights

The User has the right of access, correction, modification, limitation, deletion and a right to portability of his/her personal information.

He/she also has the right to object to the processing of personal information for legitimate purposes, as well as the right to object to use of his/her personal information for purposes of commercial prospection.

Finally, he/she has the right to determine the general and specific guidelines defining the manner in which he/she intends his/her personal information to be used subsequent to his/her death.

To exercise his/her rights, the user must send notification to ALLIGATOR’s Data Protection Officer, accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document containing his/her signature, at the following postal address:

ALLIGATOR - Calle Muntaner 239 - 08021 Barcelona


To the email address

ALLIGATOR shall make every effort to respond within 7 working days of the request, subject to first being able to ensure the identity of the requestor.

Finally, the user has the option of lodging a complaint with the appropriate national authority with regard to the protection of personal information and respect for privacy.


In France
The National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (the Commision Nationale de l’information et des Libertés or CNIL)
3 Place de Fontenoy TSA 80715 - 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07

In Spain
Agencia Española de Protección de Datos,(AEPD)
C/ Jorge Juan, 6. 28001 - Madrid
Tel. 900 293 183